It is the beginning of a new year and everyone around you is making new year’iStock_000020008559Larges resolutions.  All the old standbys are there…I am going to work out more…I’m going to eat healthier…I’m going to  stop eating an entire large pizza by myself when I have the chance.  OK maybe that last one is mine, but you get the picture.  Instead of making a resolution which will probably get broken anyway.,.how about taking some quick and useful information from here and promising yourself to apply it at least once the remainder of the year.  Not really to much to ask and it’s healthier than eating an entire pizza.

As a Realtor you are always looking for ways to drum up business.  Times recently have been slow but we all are beginning to see a turn around in the market but more business is never a bad thing. Go back through your book of business and reach out to the Canadian clientele you have worked with or spoken to in the past and let them know you surprised and excited that you just found out that Canadian investment finance is available here in the US.  I guarantee if they have not worked with Express Capital Mortgage INC.  before they will have had no idea either.  This does two things for you as a Realtor…

1)  A friendly call to a client  you have not spoken to in a while.  Always good to have a reason to call and not just a cold call. Your providing them with information I promise you they don’t have…you are providing a benefit to your client.

2) Right now the exchange rate  is not really great when bringing funds from Canada to the US, but with Express Capital Mortgage INC.  they keep those US funds in the US and minimize the amount they need to bring over the border.  We can leverage that equity they have been building in the properties they bought for cash three years ago…and go buy something else.  That is where you come in.

This is simple, painless, and a great change to get a fruitful conversation started.  Don’t don’t eat a pizza this new year…make a phone call instead.